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Window Cleaning

  • Residential & Commercial.

  • Maximized natural light.

  • Bio-degradable and Eco friendly.

  • Hand cleaned by squeegee/water fed brush

  • Spotless results for a crisp clear view.

Window Cleaning Nanaimo

     Window cleaning can be an annoying hassle that no homeowner wants to deal with, and more often than not windows are left to continue accumulating dirt and grime. While this seems like only a minor inconvenience to some, there are great benefits to having your windows cleaned. For starters you'll have a much better view of the world and brighten up your home, increasing curb appeal. This also allows for the most natural light to pass through, meaning less artificial lights and lower energy cost! If not properly maintained, dirt and grime can eventually start to cause real damage to window surfaces.

     If getting out there and cleaning the windows doesn't sound like your ideal Sunday, give the experts here at B&B Exteriors a call and here's what we'll do for you:

     Using squeegees, wipe off cloths and the proper cleaning solution, we start at the top and follow a reverse S pattern down the windows to the corners leaving no drips and no streaks. NEVER use paper towel or low quality rags. Wiping back and fourth just pushes dirt around and doesn't actually get anything clean.

     A tucker water fed pole can be used for really grimy and hard to reach places such as skylights.

     Generally you should have you windows cleaned twice a year. The most common times for window cleaning are spring and when getting ready to sell. If are planning on listing your property soon, or just are tired from seeing streaks and dirt instead of the sky, give us a call and our trained window cleaning technicians will bring back beauty to your home!

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