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Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

  • Prevent leaks, water damage and rot.

  • Increase curb appeal and potentially value of your home.

  • Extend the life of your roof.

  • Increase energy efficiency.

  • All debris, moss and leaves are removed.

  • Moss preventative treatment.

  • Branch trimming.

  • Eco-friendly and non-abrasive.

  • Before & after pictures.

Moss Removal Nanaimo

Roof cleaning is the most vital aspect when it comes to home maintenance. Your roof is your home's most important asset! It protects you from wind, rain and snow. It provides heat in the winter and keeps you cool in the summer. Basically, without a roof there is no house. That's why when it comes to roof cleaning, education is key. Keeping your roof properly maintained is important for a few reasons:

  1. Moss and algae hold moisture extremely well, and trap that moisture against your roof. This can lead to water damage and even leaks.

  2. As moss continues to grow, it will start to lift shingles and root itself into the roofing material and causing deterioration. For shingle roofs, you can lose up to 40% of your roofs lifespan just from moss, algae and improper maintenance.

  3. Having a clean roof can decrease energy consumption. Dirty roofs can trap heat and moisture against the roof, leading to hotter summers and colder winters which can lead to higher energy bills.

  4. You have a beautiful home, show it off! Getting rid of that ugly moss and debris will significantly increase curb appeal. It is also essential when listing your property.

Moss buildup is extremely common out here on Vancouver Island, and is a highly sought after service. Staying on top of it will prevent needing to replace your roof prematurely. Even if your roof is older and soon in need of replacing, having it cleaned properly can extend it's life that much more.

Here's how we will get your roof back to looking and working great:

  • Safety first! All of our technicians are properly trained in ladder techniques, fall protection, and general safety on roofs. Prior to starting any work, we plan out access to the roof and set up all our needed safety equipment and fall protection, and take some pictures before we start. This is when we trim any overhanging branches out of our way, and out of the way of your roof!

  • Next we remove all leaves, needles, debris and moss by gently knocking it off with non-abrasive nylon brushes, followed by a final blow off of any dust and loose debris. *We NEVER pressure wash roofs, this can be extremely damaging.

  • Once the roof is cleaned we move to the gutters. Everything that comes with a regular gutter cleaning is included in roof cleaning and moss removals. Clean them out, test the downspouts and check for any needed maintenance.

  • Once everything is cleaned, we are ready to apply our moss treatment. We use a professional grade, bio-degradable solution that acts to raise the PH level of your roof, killing any remaining moss. This solution also acts as a preventative treatment, protecting against future moss growth for 1-3 years depending on your area and how many trees are around.

  • For the final step we clean everything up and haul it away. This is also when we take our after pictures to show the client. This way you always know exactly what you're getting and have no worries. We fully believe in honesty and transparency!

If you're ready to get your roof cleaned, give the experts here at B&B Exteriors a call and we will show you what you what your roof looks like again!

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